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Next course dates (all Sundays) include: 2017-September 10th, October 8th, December 3rd, 2018-February 4th, March 4th

Time: 10.30- 5 pm
Venue: The Holistic Coach house, Carrick House, 2 The High Street, Garstang, PR3 1FA 
This is an in depth course, allowing you to practice crystal healing professionally, to ACHO standards. 

The ICGT Certificate Level Course (covers the curriculum of ACHO) as a tutored course and includes  the following: 
1. Scientific Background
Crystal systems, crystal structures, chemical make-up, formation of crystals, basic geological theory. 
2. Introductory Module
Tools of crystal therapy, developing personal sensitivity, attunement, choosing/cleansing crystals, visualisations,charging/programming crystals, pendulum dowsing, simple crystal layouts. 
3. Chakras and Subtle Bodies
Chakra theory, assessment, meridians, subtle bodies, specific crystal techniques for healing these, basic self-testing. 
4. Crystal Healing
Preparing self and client for crystal healing. Case histories, practice management (see also 5b and 5c), listening skills, dealing with healing crises. 
5. Protection and Support 
Maintaining personal energy integrity, strategies for identification when action is needed, environmental and geopathic stress, basic absent healing. 
5b. Customer Care
Customer care general rules, Consultations, Keeping records, Contraindications, Data Protection Act, Sale of Goods Act 1979, Trades Description Act , Treating Children, Advertising, Personal safety
5c. Health and Safety
Health & Safety, Local Authority BYLAWS, Local Government ( miscellaneous provisions), Health & Safety at Work act 1974, Electricity at Work Regulation 1989, COSHH 1988, Consumer Protection Act 1987, Hygiene procedures, Reporting injuries regulations 1995, First Aid Box, Fire Precautions Act 1971,
The cost of the course covers tuition and assessment
Cost of the course 495 
Book a place: deposit 100 
Course balance: 395
Full course payment 495
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