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ACHO_logoCertificate Level awarded by ICGT:
The Certificate course contains the Core Curriculum of ACHO/CTC which can be externally accredited and validated by the Open College Network South West Region.
The Principals of the school, Sue and Simon Lilly are highly respected and recognised in the field of Crystal Therapy.

The Certificate Course is spread over 3 weekends (Cert.ICGT) with the Certificate being awarded on production of evidence of study of Anatomy & Physiology and completion of coursework. The Certificate course is approved by the Complementary Therapists Association (linked to Embody) as a Core Therapy at 30 credits. The Certificate and Diploma have also been awarded 10 CPD points each from the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT).
Certificate Level: (Five Modules)

Next course dates, 2015:
Weekend 1: 31st October & 1st November
Weekend 2: 7 & 8th  November 
Weekend 3: 14 & 15th November 

To book please scroll down this page. 

1.Scientific Background
Crystal systems, crystal structures, chemical make-up, formation of crystals, basic geological theory.

2. Introductory Module
Tools of crystal therapy, developing personal sensitivity, attunement, choosing/cleansing crystals, visualisations, charging/programming crystals, pendulum dowsing, simple crystal layouts. 

3. Chakras and Subtle Bodies
Chakra theory, assessment, meridians, subtle bodies, specific crystal techniques for healing these, basic self-testing. 

4. Crystal Healing
Preparing self and client for crystal healing. Case histories, practice management (see also 5b and 5c), listening skills, dealing with healing crises.
5. Protection and Support
Maintaining personal energy integrity, strategies for identification when action is needed, environmental and geopathic stress, basic absent healing. 

5b. Customer Care
Customer care general rules, Consultation, Procedure for consultation, Subsequent visits, Keeping records, Contraindications, Data Protection Act, Sale of Goods Act 1979, Trades Description Act , Treating Children, Advertising, Giving a presentation, Demonstration, What to take with you on home visits, Personal safety.
5c. Health and Safety
Health & Safety, Local Authority BYLAWS, Local Government ( miscellaneous provisions), Health & Safety at Work act 1974, Electricity at Work Regulation 1989, COSHH 1988, Consumer Protection Act 1987, Hygiene procedures, Reporting injuries regulations 1995, Emergency procedures, First Aid Box, Fire Safety, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Precautions Act 1971
The MCS / ICGT Code of Conduct and other Policies and Procedures can be found via the website link 

The cost of the course is £495 where a deposit of £100 is required to book a place.
The balance can be paid in full on the first weekend or there is a a pay as you go option. After successful completion of the Level 1 Certificate, students will also have the option to study the more advanced Level 2 Graduate Diploma. Please contact us if you need the pay as you go form and/ or application form.  

   Pay deposit for ICGT Crystal Therapy Course £100 

Pay installment for ICGT Crystal Therapy Course  £131.66


 Pay ICGT balance for ICGT Crystal Therapy Course £395


Pay ICGT  course full amount  £495 


For more information, please contact us.
Tel: 01524 791126



If you prefer to study by distance learning
- there is a
distance learning course. However, this is not accredited by ACHO. It is accredited by the Complementary Medicine Association.

ICGT Year 2

This Diploma course covers all aspects of the ICGT Diploma/Year 2 course.
Dates to  be announced for this course
Course content:

Diploma Level: Seven Modules must be completed with a choice between modules marked #
The Diploma course is covered by units that have been validated and accredited by the National Open College Network

         6. Vibrational Medicine
           The theories of vibrational or energy medicine,          different types of vibrational medicine, how crystals and gem use fits          into this system.
    7. Working with Colour #
         Theories of colour, impact of colour on the body systems,          colour coding in crystals, assessment using colour. Muscle-testing
        8. Crystal Doorways (Nets)-
           Theory and methodology in the use of nets, development of personal         nets.
Advanced Healing Techniques
Absent healing, templates, shaped crystals, specialised techniques.           
10. Gem Essences
          What they are, how they work, how they are made, other types of essences,          guidelines for use, legalities.
           11. Working with Solar System Energies
Basic astrological terms, identification and links to crystals, using personal astrological information as a key          to crystal healing.
   13. Crystals from the UK #
Know the crystals found in the United Kingdom, how to use them for healing.
   12.Private Research/Thesis
Students are encouraged to focus on area(s) that they find particularly stimulating and to undertake a research project that can be presented as a report.

This course is open to ICGT certificate students and any ACHO or CTC certificate or diploma holders.
Cost of course :  Cost £600 - (this can be paid in parts)

Course dates 

Pay deposit for ICGT Diploma course £100


Pay instalment £166.60 ICGT year 2 

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