The Holistic Coach House supports the Chakra Project 

The foundation of the Chakra Project work is based on the therapeutic value and healing power of colour.


Chakra Project initiative is a community based project in north India, working for the social, spiritual and economic empowerment of those girls, who haven't had a chance or in most cases not given a chance to go to schools or colleges and had the opportunity to have the basic school education.


Chakra Project was developed from Amina’s love of colour and traditional hand stitching into her spiritual journey, a vision to create and teach beautiful textile art, inspired by seven Chakras and based on the therapeutic value and healing power of colour.


Through the Chakra Project initiative the women are encouraged to empower themselves by self love, education and training in new skills, and to understand the art of creativity and self help to move themselves from the position of vulnerability and uncertainty to a position of growth and sustainability and to fulfill their common, economic and social need.

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( 'I bought a chakra bag from the Chakra Project and it's beautifully made- I love it'! - Jilly )