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Reiki Courses- Dates for 2024  

Reiki is a healing system which originates from Japan and is was developed by Dr Mikao Usui in the 19th Century. Whilst Usui was attending a spiritual retreat including fasting and prayer, he received his initiation to Reiki. From this life changing experience, Usui developed the system of Reiki healing. Dr Usui initiated Dr Hayashi, who in turn initiated Mrs Takata. Mrs Takata is said to be the person responsible for introducing this technique to the western world.

Universal life force or “Chi” is channelled thought the therapist’s hands to the client. The energy received by the client helps activate the body’s own ability to heal itself and can work on physical, mental and spiritual levels. Reiki energy can assist in many aspects of life, including healing situations, healing people, animals and plants. Reiki works on all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

Reiki Level 1

Next dates Saturday 29th June 2024  

Venue: The Sanctuary of Healing, Dewhurst Road, Langho, Blackburn, BB6 8AF. 


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Reiki Level 2


Next dates Sunday 26th May 2024  Times: 10:15 AM m to 5 PM.

or, Saturday 3rd August 2024. 

Venue: The Sanctuary of Healing, Dewhurst Road, Langho, Blackburn, BB6 8AF. 

Cost: £120

Book your place for May 26th by paying a deposit of £50 

Book your place for August 3rd by paying a deposit of £50

Reiki Level 2 is a spiritual and transformational experience that enables you to enhance your healing abilities, deepen your understanding of energy healing, and learn how to provide a Reiki treatment for others professionally. The course builds upon the foundational teachings of Reiki Level 1, where you learnt how to channel healing energy to yourself and others.

The Reiki Level 2 course includes an attunement, which is the process of opening and aligning the energy channels in the body, thereby increasing and expanding your natural healing abilities. The attunement is performed by a Reiki Master, in this case, Jilly Edmundson. The attunement is a crucial aspect of the course as it opens the practitioner up to a higher level of vibration, universal energy, and consciousness. It enables you to connect with a deeper level of the Reiki energy and teaches you how to tap into the power of symbols effectively.

During the course, you will learn three sacred Reiki symbols, which are an integral part of the Reiki practice. The symbols act as tools to help you connect with specific healing energies that can be used to address various physical and emotional ailments. The symbols are also used to increase the flow of Reiki energy and strengthen your ability to direct it where it is needed. You will learn how to draw the symbols and pronounce their names correctly, and you will be taught how to use them in your healing practice.

Another essential aspect of the Reiki Level 2 course is learning how to provide professional Reiki treatments to others. You will learn how to create a comfortable and safe environment for a client, establish clear boundaries around the healing session, and communicate effectively with clients. You will also learn how to perform a complete Reiki treatment session for others, including the hand positions and the sequence in which they are performed. Furthermore, you will learn how to use the symbols to enhance the healing session further.

The course will teach you how to intuitively use the symbols during a Reiki session and become more confident in your intuitive abilities. You will also learn how to perform distant healing, which allows you to send Reiki energy to someone who is not physically present with you, and how to use Reiki to treat mental and emotional issues. The course will also cover how to establish your Reiki practice.

Reiki Masters - Saturday 22nd June, 2024

Time 10 AM - no later than 5 pm.

Venue: The Sanctuary of healing, Langho, Blackburn, BB6 8AF. 

Cost: £275 

Book by paying deposit of £50 

Attending a Reiki Master/Teacher's course is a serious commitment and is only suitable for those who have already completed levels one and two Reiki training. This course provides an in-depth understanding of the Reiki technique and teaches participants how to offer Reiki attunements and teach others.

Participants on this course can expect further learning in Reiki as they gain an understanding of different Reiki symbols, their meanings, and uses. Students will also learn how to offer Reiki attunements to others. Learning on the Reiki Master/Teacher's course goes beyond attunements, including understanding how to set up Reiki practices, managing clients’ expectations and responsibly guiding students on their Reiki journey.

Attunements are offered in a serene, supportive, and safe environment to ensure the student has the capacity and grounding to receive it. The attunement marks the official passing of energy from the Reiki Master to the student. This transfer of energy signifies the beginning of the student’s journey in becoming a Reiki Master or Teacher.

Reiki Masters or Teachers are expected to embody professionalism, respect, and integrity in every part of their work. They are responsible for creating a safe, and sacred space for their clients and students. A Reiki Master or Teacher must be able to demonstrate a high level of Reiki knowledge and expertise, as well as utilising their intuition and sensitivity when working with people to provide personalised Reiki treatment. They are expected to remain humble and dedicated to self-improvement, continuously improving their knowledge, skills, and practices.


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