ICGT Precision Crystal Therapy Course starts November,  2020 


Jilly is a tutor for the Institute of Crystal and Gem Therapists (ICGT), and delivers training for this  Certificate course. 


ICGT was a founder member of the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisation (ACHO) and the Crystal Therapy Council (CTC). For more information on ICGT, please follow this link

Dates include: November 29th, January 17th, January 31st, February 28th  plus an additional day to be arranged with the group. Times: 10:30 am- 4:45 pm.

This course will be held at the Harmony Hub, in Chorley. 

In addition to attending the tutored sessions, you will have course work to complete in your own time. There is no restriction on when you complete this, providing you with some flexibility.  

Course Content 

ICGT Certificate (Tutored)

1. Scientific Background

Crystal systems, crystal structures, chemical make-up, formation of crystals, basic geological theory.
2. Introductory Module
Tools of crystal therapy, developing personal sensitivity, attunement, choosing/cleansing crystals, visualisations,charging/programming crystals, pendulum dowsing, simple crystal layouts.
3. Chakras and Subtle Bodies
Chakra theory, assessment, meridians, subtle bodies, specific crystal techniques for healing these, basic self-testing.
4. Crystal Healing
Preparing self and client for crystal healing. Case histories, practice management (see also 5b and 5c), listening skills, dealing with healing crises.
5. Protection and Support
Maintaining personal energy integrity, strategies for identification when action is needed, environmental and geopathic stress, basic absent healing.
5b. Customer Care
Customer care general rules, Consultations, Keeping records, Contraindications, Data Protection Act, Sale of Goods Act , Trades Description Act , Treating Children, Advertising, Personal safety
5c. Health and Safety
Health & Safety, Local Authority BYLAWS, Local Government ( miscellaneous provisions), Health & Safety at Work act, Electricity at Work Regulation, COSHH, Consumer Protection Act, Hygiene procedures, Reporting injuries regulations , First Aid Box, Fire Precautions Act.


Anatomy and Physiology Level 2 - This is a home study course  is available equivalent to 35 hours tutor-hours or ICGT accepts evidence of prior learning e.g. ITEC, VTCT, FHT, APNT, 'O'/A level Human Biology etc. This course is available from ICGT, and is an additional cost (£55), to the Crystal Healing Course. You do not need to have this before taking the tutored sessions, but is required before being awarded the certificate. 

Cost of the course is £495 (this does not include Anatomy & Physiology Level 2) . Before you decide to book a place, please send an inquiry to check there is a space available. 

There is an option to pay in instalments. Please contact Jilly for the pay monthly option form, if you prefer this method of payment. 

Book a place 

You can book a place by making a deposit : £100

Pay course balance : £395

Please visit Sue and Simon Lilly's ICGT site, where you can find a list of further course dates for this year, including e-learning. 


You can call the Holistic Coach House, or  complete the contact form, with your inquiries.