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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Health and Social Care 


Occupational Stress 

            Occupational stress (OS) has become a national preoccupation. In 1996, work days lost in the UK due to work-related stressed cost between 353 million and 381 million. In the HSE, 2015/2016, statistics of OS, 488,000 cases were reported. This equates to 11.7 million sick days, and 37% of work-related ill-health cases. Individuals working in health and social care is one of the highest populations, reporting work-related stress.


The Mindfulness Program for Care Professionals

            The bespoke Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program for health and social care professionals is a secondary intervention, geared to relieve stress symptoms by executing stress management training. It is designed to improve the well-being of employees, improve the experience of service users, and enhance the ethos of the organisation. Participants are likely to experience more positive interpersonal relationships, both at work and at home. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the organisation will show a lower level of sick days, as participants are likely to experience improved health and well-being.


            This bespoke course has been developed to ensure positive outcomes, for the long term.


Participants on this course have reported

  • an improved feeling of well-being

  • more resilient during stressful situations 

  • more engaged with working life

  • improved interpersonal relationships with colleagues

  • feeling valued by their employer

  • Benefits extend beyond stress reduction having positive outcomes in all fields of life experience



            This program is run over a series of sessions to embed skills and practices learned. The programme can be delivered on site, or at a venue outside of the workplace.


The research for this programme took place at Unique Home-Care Services in Lancaster

and has since included mindfulness as part of staff training.

You can visit Unique Home- Care Services here. 


The MBSR Trainer


             Jilly Edmundson began practising mindfulness in 2008, and has been delivering MBSR training since 2010. Having worked in this field as a therapist for many years, she has an understanding of the health and social care environment. This course was developed from Kabat Zinn's MBSR enhance the ethos of the health and social care environment. 


Professional Certificate in Education

BSc with Honours, Complementary Medicine and Health Sciences

MSc in Psychology

Certified Yoga Instructor

Unique Care Home- Jilly Edmundson has provided training for care workers, in holistic therapies and mindfulness
Jilly Edmundson has provided training in Mindfulness for Unique Care Services

'Before I started the course with Jillian I had already heard/tried Mindfulness meditation so was really looking forward to gaining more in depth knowledge on the subject. I also had just started with Unique so it was a really great chance for me to meet with the rest of the team, given we work independently out in the community. I feel this course was a fresh new approach to team building as it didn't feel pressurising and we all sat together in a calm environment to meditate. I learnt a lot from this course and it made me realise how easy it is to incorporate such practices in my everyday life such as mindfulness walking and breathing exercises'              Lydia, from Unique Homecare Services 

Contact us about MBSR Training for your employees. We're happy to provide you with more information, arrange a meeting, pricing details, and potential dates.

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