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Deep Tissue Massage Training
Sunday June 23rd, 2024   
The Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, Blackburn, BB6 8AF 

This is a one day training course for existing massage therapists to learn deep tissue massage techniques to enhance their massage therapy. 

CPD points: 20 

Deep tissue massage is a highly effective technique used by massage therapists to provide relief for clients with chronic pain, tight muscles or any other soft tissue injuries. The course is designed to provide existing massage therapists with the skill set required to effectively carry out deep tissue massages on clients.


On this deep tissue massage course, you can expect to learn a range of techniques that go beyond the standard Swedish massage. These techniques are designed to target deep layers of muscle tissue and fascia, and to break down any adhesions or knots that may cause pain, stiffness or discomfort.


Throughout the deep tissue massage course, you will work on developing your palpation and hands-on skills. You will learn how to apply this pressure in a way that is safe and effective while avoiding injury to yourself and your clients.

In addition to practical techniques, the course will explore the various risks and benefits associated with deep tissue massage. As with most courses, there will be assessments throughout the training. You will receive feedback from the instructor, which can be useful in improving your performance and building your confidence as a therapist.


This deep tissue massage course is an excellent choice for massage therapists seeking to expand their skills and offer an effective treatment solution to clients. On the course you can expect to learn a range of techniques that address deep layers of muscle tissue and fascia and develop the knowledge required to apply these techniques effectively and safely.

Back Massage

Learn deep tissue massage techniques to enhance your practice. 

Duration:  10:30 am - 5 pm. 

Cost for the day: £130 

Pre-requisite: Must have completed a full body massage course, e.g. Swedish Massage 


Book your place- pay deposit £50 

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