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Holistic Therapies as a new career

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I would like to start this blog by sharing my personal journey of how I began learning about holistic therapies. I’m the one on the left on the photograph by the way! The one on the right is my brother! In 2002 I was diagnosed with a very painful eye condition called keratitis. Fortunately my GP had previously worked as an eye specialist at the local hospital and he was quick to tend to my eyes and he was very concerned that I could quite possibly lose my sight. During this time I tried various therapies, holistic remedies, meditation, yoga, and said positive affirmations silently or out loud ( when I was alone 😂). I was determined to keep my sight ( petrified of losing it ) and became aware I really needed to take a good look at what I needed to do to become healthy again. I was delighted that little by little my eyes recovered and I am thankful that I still have my sight today. Of course I did have medical help ( I took steroid drops, plus my wonderful doctor gave no indication of judging some of the peculiar remedies I tried). Whether the therapies were a placebo or not, I think they helped keep my sanity.

This experience inspired me to learn about some of the therapies I had tried and although I was not aware at the time, this was a turning point in my life.

Today I am privileged to assist others on learning about a few holistic therapies. My advice on where to start for someone who is embarking on their holistic journey is to learn about the ones you are interested in and feel drawn to. This may sound like common sense but sometimes people have asked me, ‘Which is the most popular therapy so I can decide which one to learn?’ Firstly, I can’t honestly say which is the most popular as there are so many and I don’t know the data. Secondly, I teach only a handful of the list of the therapies out there. And thirdly I don’t believe one should make decision on that basis. If you enjoy practising a therapy no doubt there will be people who will benefit / enjoy receiving that therapy from you.

If you are a therapist and would like to share your story about how you began your journey you are welcome to share it here.



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