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Reiki and quantum entanglement | The Holistic Coach House

Quantum Entanglement in a Reiki Session

Quantum entanglement is the scientific term for an intimate connection between two or more particles that share the same quantum state, no matter how far apart they are. This phenomenon has been used to explain the healing powers of Reiki, and many believe it is the reason why Reiki works. In this blog post, we'll explore how quantum entanglement works in a Reiki session and what it means for both the therapist and client.

Who Proposed Quantum Entanglement as an Explanation for Reiki Healing?

The idea that quantum entanglement could explain why Reiki works was first proposed by Dr. William Tiller in his book Science & Human Transformation. According to Dr. Tiller, when a Reiki practitioner sends energy to their client, they’re not just sending physical energy but also “quantum energetic information" which can travel across distances instantaneously. This is due to quantum entanglement – a phenomenon where two particles become so intimately connected that they share the same quantum state even if they’re miles apart.

What Does Quantum Entanglement Mean for a Reiki Therapist and Client?

When two particles are entangled, any action taken on one particle will have an effect on its counterpart no matter how far apart they are. For example, if you apply pressure to one particle, its partner will respond with equal pressure even if it’s located on the other side of the world. Similarly, when a practitioner performs a distant healing session with their client via Reiki, any action taken by them will have an immediate effect on their client – no matter the distance between them.

This means that by using quantum entanglement during a distant healing session, practitioners can send powerful healing energy from anywhere in the world to their clients without having to be physically present with them – something that would not be possible without this unique phenomenon.

Quantum entanglement provides us with an exciting new way to understand how distant healing sessions like those conducted through Reiki work – even when there are thousands of miles between practitioners and clients! By leveraging this phenomenon during your next remote Reiki session, you may find yourself able to provide truly powerful healing energies from anywhere in the world. If you're interested in learning more about Reiki, The Holistic Coach House provides Reiki courses and attunements. Please follow this link for updated courses.


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