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The hidden benefits of holistic therapies for therapists

Massage therapy is widely known for its remarkable benefits on clients. But did you know that therapists themselves experience significant physical and well-being benefits? For those considering a career in holistic therapies, understanding these perks can be a motivational factor.

Physical benefits for therapists

Lower Blood Pressure

Massage therapy can help lower blood pressure in therapists. The physical activity involved in giving massages promotes better circulation, which naturally helps in regulating blood pressure levels. This ongoing physical activity keeps therapists active and promotes cardiovascular health.

Lower blood sugar levels

Surprisingly, the physical exertion involved in massage therapy can help in lowering blood sugar levels. The consistent movement helps in burning calories and improving insulin sensitivity. For therapists, this can be an unexpected but welcome benefit.

Well-being benefits for therapists

Improved sense of well-being

Engaging in holistic practices like Reiki, Indian head massage, Swedish massage, and reflexology fosters a sense of well-being in therapists. The serene environments in which these therapies are performed contribute to a feeling of tranquillity. Additionally, the act of helping others can elevate mood and enhance mental health.

Sense of deep rest

Performing massages can have a meditative effect on therapists. The repetitive, rhythmic motions allow therapists to enter a state of flow, providing a sense of deep rest and relaxation. This mental state is akin to meditation, offering significant psychological benefits.

Relaxation effects of watching therapy

The power of observational relaxation

There is growing evidence that simply watching massage therapy can provide relaxation benefits. Studies suggest that observing therapeutic activities can trigger mirror neurons in the brain, which mimic the relaxation responses experienced by the recipient of the therapy. This phenomenon is particularly interesting for those who are new to holistic therapies and wish to understand their effects without direct involvement.

Research findings

While specific studies on the relaxation effects of watching therapy are limited, the concept of observational learning in psychology supports this idea. When individuals watch others engage in calming activities, they often experience a reduction in stress and anxiety levels.

Practicing holistic therapies offers numerous physical and well-being benefits for therapists. From lowering blood pressure and blood sugar levels to enhancing a sense of well-being and providing deep rest, the advantages are profound. Additionally, the act of watching therapy can also provide relaxation benefits, supported by the concept of observational learning.

If you're interested in exploring a career in holistic therapies, these benefits make it an even more appealing option. The Holistic Coach House prvides training in various holistic therapies such as Reflexology, Reiki, Indian head massage, lympahtic massage, deep tissue massage, Mindfulness and Yoga.



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